The Quest For Ultima Loli

Hello there. You can call me Lolistein.

I am a lifestyle lolita in the making with an addiction to impractically large bows.

I started out as a cosplayer with minimal knowledge on lolita fashion. I’d always been curious about lolita, so I did a little research. “A little research” turned into “a lot of research.” I was in love. :)

Fast forward to today, about 4 years from when I first discovered lolita fashion. I’ve wanted to wear lolita for a long time, but I was too scared. It took a little encouragement from a good friend of mine before I went ahead and took lolita seriously.

My current wardrobe consists of a hodgepodge of secondhand and brand new items bought online, plus some things I made for myself, under my online store, Lolita Treasure Box.

This blog is dedicated to documenting anything and everything I do that involves lolita. It will be full of photos and slideshows accompanied by potentially long text entries. Prepare yourself for plenty of pink and poofiness.

Let the misadventure begin!


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